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End of State Immunity: Culprits of the Flint Water Crisis Charged by Michigan District Court

Three of the main state and city officials involved in mishandling of Flint’s water sources face felony and misdemeanor charges in the Eastern District Court of Michigan, announced on April 21, 2016 by Attorney General Bill Schuette.


Flint water crisis is one of the most tragic incidents in the history of Michigan since it has affected the public on such a large scale. It is hard to believe that in a country like America people still have to face such severe health problems brought on by nothing by their own state’s negligence.


The local families who have been victimized by the Flint Water Crisis have been raising their voices against the poor management and mishandling of the water system which has resulted in such a serious health risk amongst the masses.  The protests against the water crisis involve moms, children, teenagers and even elderly people who are tired of not being provided with one of the basic necessities of life.


Until recently, the number of complaints and lawsuits filed against the state authority has been low due to the immunity provided to them, but many families are now filing civil lawsuits regarding the irresponsible attitude of those involved from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality—including allegations of racketeering!


According to a report on the proceedings of the Eastern District Court of Michigan, criminal indictments were also filed against MDEQ personnel Micheal Prysby, Flint’s local water quality supervisor Mike Glasgow and Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance’s coordinator Stephen Busch. These three have been charged against misinforming the local water regulator about the lead pipe corrosion control without proper verification as well as inaccurate water testing for lead levels. Even after the reports revealed the levels of lead in the water being supplied from Flint’s river, the authorities kept on exposing the public to the contaminated water for seventeen months after the reports.


The local residents who have fallen victim to this crisis are encouraged to speak up for their loss and exercise their legal rights in courts.


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